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Albert Aromir

Albert Aromir

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I am an illustrator, graphic designer and musician, born in Olot (Girona).

I am currently working on my own on a study situated in Gràcia (Barcelona).

I have worked for independent music labels (Sones, minimúsica, Sinnamon …), I have illustrated some book covers, magazines and supplements (Planeta, Grup 62, El País, La Vanguardia, Naif, Descobrir Catalunya …) and I have collaborated on several fanzines (Colibrí (Appa Appa), Una casa para siempre (Borobiltxo Libros), Lunettes, Un Mundo Raro, Malalletra, ¡Qué suerte!, Garabattage…). I have worked for some tiny companies like Anguè Anguè, Bioandalus, Cala Llevadó, Leland Palmer or Familias en Ruta.

My work at The Wallery is a tribute to the giants tradition, one of the first great discoveries of the parallel worlds inside the imagination of a child.

It’s my special tribute to the giants of Olot, the most beautiful in the world ;)


Sones / minimúsica / Familias en Ruta / The Wallery / El País /
La Vanguardia / Grup 62 / El Palau de la Música / Cosmocaixa /
S.C.P.F. / FNAC / Sinnamon / Razzmatazz / Mond Club / BCN Educació /
.H / Càmping Cala Llevadó / Escola Eina / Escola BAU / Descobrir Catalunya / Anguè Anguè / Museu Es Baluard / Miss Wasabi Leland Palmer / Bioandalus / Aromtex /


Albert Aromir Designs


    The Wallery is a place where a unique selection of international and emerging artists think outside the frame. We design art wallpaper murals, vinyls, and also phone cases and stickers.



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