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Thanks to

On a personal level and as the founder of the project, I want to acknowledge the help, effort and patience of some people to advise me, putting up with me and guide me in this project. Firstly, I want to give special thanks to my family, without them I would not have had the strength to go ahead with this project.


I want to give thanks to Alfons Cornella, Maria Santolaria, and especially Infonomia & Co-society for helping me with the project. Ferran Tena and Álex Mirete as well for their help and dedication.


Nestor Postigo for site development, and his patience and savoir-faire.


Ewing Taylor for his English translations and for his constant good humor.


Hewlett Packard as well to advise me of technical issues.


And last but not least, to all the artists who have trusted in the project from the beginning. Without you it would not have been possible.




Sílvia Langa

Fundadora de The Wallery


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